A bit about the Scouting Community

• There are now half a million members of Scouting in the UK.
• Scouting in the UK has been growing for the last five years.
• More young people do adventurous activities as Scouts than with any other organisation.
• Each year Scouts spend over two million nights away from home doing adventurous activities.
• The youngest person to walk to the South Pole was a Scout.
• Each year Scouts tackling the Queen’s Scout Award walk the equivalent distance of once around the world.
• 11 of the 12 people to walk on the moon were once Scouts.
• John Lennon and Paul McCartney were both Scouts (inspiring a better quality of campfire song).
• You are never more than 10 miles from a Scout Meeting Place.
• The Scout Association is part of a worldwide movement of 31 million Scouts.

Scouting offers fun, challenge and everyday adventure to 400,000 girls and boys across the UK. Offering over 200 different activities from abseiling and archery to drama, street sports and water zorbing, Scouting helps 6-25 year olds grow in confidence, achieve their full potential and become active members of their communities.

At this age, we encourage girls and boys to take responsibility for themselves and each other, with older members leading a small team. They like being with friends and participating fully in the adventure of life.

All that the Beaver, Cubs and Scouts get up to is only possible through the efforts of 100,000 volunteers who also enjoy the fun and friendship of Scouting. Trusted by nearly a million parents each week, the movement welcomes members from all backgrounds, faiths and cultures. Special emphasis is placed on bringing the Scouting programme to young people who currently do not benefit, particularly those in inner cities, those in rural areas and other disadvantaged groups.

The Scout Association is a registered charity in the UK and part of a worldwide movement of 31 million Scouts working for peace and global friendship.

‘Scouting’s 500,000 members are an inspiration. It’s great to see it. It’s all about friendship and fun and adventure – people who might not normally have the chance for adventure. Scouts are shining lights within their communities.’
Chief Scout, Bear Grylls

Think you know Scouting? Think again.
If you still think Scouting is just about boys, tents and woggles you may just have to change your mind. With over 200 activities on offer and half a million members (including 60,000 girls) Scouting offers everyday adventure to young people and adult volunteers.

Parents tell us that Scouting gives their children more confidence, responsibility, a broader set of friends, a chance to pursue things they might not get to do otherwise, adventure and an extended family.

‘Children learn social skills as well as practical ones. They have to remember things to bring the following week so they have to take a bit of responsibility for their own stuff!’

Meet the groups.

At the 1st Royston Scout Group we aim to help young people grow and mature into great adults.

The Beaver colony is where your child starts their life in scouting. Beavers are taken from the age of 6 where they will stay with us for 2 years until they are 8.


Following on from Beavers, your child will then progress onto Cubs, from the age of 8 they stay with their pack until they are 10½


The third part of their journey starts between the age of 10 and 10½ where they enrol into the Scout troop, they stay with us until the age of 14½ and then it’s off to Explorers.

Admissions Policy.

1st Royston Scout Group is very popular and there is unfortunately not room for all Children that wish to become members of the group. This policy sets out how prospective members are given priority. The policy applies only to 1st Royston Scout Group. Other groups within the Royston District may have different approaches

We accept and encourage diversity, and accept males and females of any race, colour and religion. Children must be between 5¾ and 14 years of age. Adults can range from 18 upwards but must have a valid Scout Association Disclosure and Barring Service check before joining.

When prospective members become eligible they will be offered a place within the relevant section, provided there is a strong likelihood that there is sufficient space in subsequent sections for all members of the group. For example a prospective child of Beaver age will be offered a place if there is space for them in Beavers; Cubs and Scouts when they are due to move up.

If there is insufficient space, prospective members will be placed on a waiting list. Members will progress naturally through the waiting list to the next section.

New members are selected from the waiting list when they are within 3 month of being eligible to join, according to the following priorities :

  • Children who are moving up from lower sections (Beavers or Cubs) due to age.
  • Children of the uniformed scouting leadership teams.
  • Children of the current committee.
  • Children who have moved into the area and were immediately prior to their move members of a Scout Group.
  • The length of time the prospective member has been on the waiting list.
  • Children transferring from other Scout Groups within Royston. This category is accorded a low priority as they may still have the opportunity to attend their previous group.

Children will generally move up to the next section, at the end of term following their birthday when they would expect to leave the section. Exceptions will be made to this for Special Needs after consultation with the Adviser for Special Needs and Group Scout Leader.

Should a parent or guardian wish to appeal against a decision of the membership secretary they can contact the Group Scout Leader. Whose decision will be final.


Get Involved

Demand for all sections of Scouting in Royston is hugely oversubscribed.

Although this is the 1st Royston website, we run a joint waiting list with the 10th Royston (based at Roysia School, Burns Road) When registering your child please select if you have a preference as to which group they go to, it's also beneficial to have an open mind as one group may be taking new ones in and the other may not.

Registering your child does not guarantee a place in any age section in the future at either of the Scout groups in Royston town.

We need parents to volunteer to go into uniform to start up new groups – two parents starting a new section allows up to 24 more children to get off the list and into Scouting and a further 4-6 per term.

If you volunteer and go into uniform your child is GUARANTEED a place in one of our groups.

To get your child registered on the waiting list please provide all the information requested below.

We will try to get back to you as soon as we can (usually within 48 hours) If you haven't heard within 5 days please contact us as your request may have been sent to spam and missed.

    Childs Gender (required)

    Select preferred Troop (required)

    Age Group (required)

    The 1st Royston Scout Group will hold these details on record so you can be contacted if and when there is a place available for your child to join any section. We may periodically contact you to ensure you still want these details held by us and we may also share these details with a Scout Group in another village if we feel it may be beneficial to you and your child.

    If at any time you would like us to remove these details please email us on

    Please tick the box to ensure you have read this statement.

    Executive Committee

    All Scout Groups are governed by the Executive Committee which is responsible for:

    • The maintenance of the Group’s property and equipment.
    • The raising of funds and the administration of the Group’s finances.
    • The insurance of persons, property and equipment.
    • Group public occasions Assisting with the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support
    You can find out more about purpose of the Executive Committee here.

    Members of the committee are elected by the parents of members of the group at the Annual General Meeting after nomination, usually by the Group Scout Leader. The committee is currently chaired by Andrew Jones and supported by the following people:

    • Richard (Rico) Surridge, Group Chairman
    • Ellie Browne, Group Secretary
    • David Collinge, Group Treasurer
    • Patrick Leighton, Group Scout Leader
    • Jeff Maddin, Cub Scout Leader - Newman Pack
    • Chris Lennox-Smith, Scout Leader - Folly Troop
    • Jack Corps, Scout Leader - Wednesday Troop
    • Sergis Shiakallis, HQ Maintenance
    • Peter Andrew, Quartermaster
    The group meets on the Monday after every half term. Should you wish to become involved in the executive please contact our GSL Patrick Leighton. We are always looking for support in running the group, particularly from parents who have members within the group. Should you wish to raise an issue that you would like the Executive Committee to discuss please contact Andrew Jones.

    Contact Us

    For general enquiries provide your details below, to add your child to the waiting list please see the 'Waiting List' section